“Alexandrinos Faros” was founded in 2003 by the Patriarchate of Alexandria with the aim to develop and implement the humanitarian mandate of the Patriarchate in Africa. Alexandrinos Faros initially worked with governments and public authorities in Africa.

Later, the organization expanded its operation to Greece under a newly appointed governance under the new name “Faros Elpidas”. Faros Elpidas is a civil non-profit company recognized as registry member by the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Employment & Social Affairs, and Migration and Asylum.

What does Faros Elpidas do?

At Faros Elpidas we help vulnerable people to improve their lives and get back on track to empowerment and agency. Faros Elpidas has worked in Africa responding to the severe deprivation of people including children, in Greece to support the most vulnerable including migrants and refugees, and in Poland to respond to the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

Faros Elpidas responds to major humanitarian crises in the EMEA region including the refugee crisis in Greece and the recent Ukrainian refugee crisis .

We help to reduce poverty,  protect the most vulnerable, promote humanitarian values through culture and we respond to humanitarian crises.

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